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Tasman Express Sea Kayak

The Tasman Express is an exceptional performance sea kayak.

At 5.3 metres long, this sleek looking craft has been designed to maintain a good forward speed, especially when loaded up with gear.

Its low profile and flared bow enables this kayak to perform extremely well in adverse or windy conditions. An aerodynamic rudder blade is fitted to prevent drag and increase forward speed and turning performance.

A centre "storage box" is moulded in just behind the cockpit. The wall thickness of the box is only 2mm, allowing for much more storage area, while providing a watertight compartment with easy access.

Name Tasman Express

Category 1 person sea kayak
Number of people
  • 1 adult
Made in New Zealand
Manufacturer Q-Kayaks
Warranty 2 years
Length 5.3m
Weight 29kg (standard)
25kg (lite)
Capacity kg
Use on
  • Ocean
  • Bays
  • Lakes
  • Estuaries
  • Flat water rivers
Main Features
  • Deck lines all around
  • Retractable rudder
  • Adjustable footrests
  • Padded seat and backrest
  • Two hatches that access internal storage areas
  • Day hatch that can be accessed on the water
  • Storages areas are sealed by bulkheads
  • Front deck bungy storage
  • Lite Weight version
  • Spraydeck
Colour Options
Prices $2,845 (standard weight)
$3,055 (lite weight)

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