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Banjo Paddles

Banjo paddle blades are an asymmetrical shape, and is a great paddle, especially in the surf.

Banjo paddles are made on a 29mm aluminium or fibreglass shaft, and are available as either a 1 piece or 2 piece (take-apart) paddles.

Structural aluminium is used for maximum strength, and has a clear anodised coating to prevent the paddler's hands turning black.

All of the Banjo paddles are "double plugged" to inhibit water entering the paddle shaft. This ensures that the paddles will float if dropped into the water.

Name Banjo
Made in Australia
Manufacturer Australis Canoes & Kayaks
Blade Shape Asymmetrical
Shaft Diametre 29mm OD
Main Features
  • Structural aluminium for maximum strength
  • Clear anodising on aluminium to prevent hands turning black
  • Double plugged so they will float if dropped into the water
Double Paddles
Standard length = 216, 220cm from tip of blade to tip of blade.
$80 Alloy
$95 Alloy plus Heatshrink
$110 Alloy with Push-button split (2 piece paddle)
$125 Alloy with Push-button split (2 piece paddle) plus Heatshrink
$130 Fibreglass plus Heatshrink
$195 Fibreglass Smart Shaft plus Heatshrink
$5 Custom length paddle surcharge.
Add to price for any double paddle required to be longer or shorter than 210cm finished length.

Standard Alloy = 1.1mm wall thickness

We can freight this item to you anywhere in Australia.
Please contact us for a freight price.

Double Paddles

As a double paddle, the blades are riveted with 3/16" rivets onto the shaft. The blades are feathered to an angle of around 60 degrees. Drip rings are fitted to each end, to minimise water running down the shaft and onto your hands.

You can choose to upgrade your double Banjo paddle from a bare aluminium shaft by adding "heatshrink and grip". Also, you can get a 2 piece aluminium or a 2 piece fibreglass shaft.

Double Banjo kayak paddles by Australis

Double Banjo kayak split paddles by Australis