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Paddling Groups and Clubs

Sutherland Shire Canoe Club members cleaning their kayaks at the club house after a paddle on the Woronora River

As a retail paddling store, we are often a first port of call for people looking for other people to go paddling with. Whilst there are a number of options here, Kayaks Australia recommends that if you are a novice paddler (or even if you have some experience), you consider joining one of the many registered canoe or kayak clubs.

Whilst many clubs are focussed on a particular aspect of kayaking (racing - either sprint or marathon, white water, sea kayaking, etc), there are clubs around that have more of a general feel to them whilst still having the specialist areas incorporated into them.

The benefits of joining a registered club over a casual paddling group are:

  1. Insurance Coverage
    As a participant and more importantly as a trip leader if you decide to participate at that level.
    In this world of legalities, it is important to make sure that your medical and other out-of-pocket expenses are covered if you are injured whilst kayaking. Also, that you are not at risk of losing your assets (including your home) if someone sues you as a result of an injury on a trip where you were the co-ordinating trip leader.
    Membership costs range between $50 and $100 per year, so for less than $2 per week, you can have peace of mind.
  2. People with experience that you can learn from
    By joining a club, you can draw on the expertise of others in the group, rather than it being a case of the blind-leading-the-blind, where all paddlers are beginners and fumbling along together.
  3. Skill Development Days
    Clubs run days where you can learn the skills necessary for safe and enjoyable paddling.
    This will help you to develop appropriate skills from the beginning, and avoid developing bad habits that can cause injury and be difficult to rectify later.

Local Paddling Clubs

Paddling Clubs in southern Sydney include:

General Kayaking Club Sutherland Shire Canoe Club
This is a general club that covers most aspects of paddling with specialist pockets including racing and touring.
Visit the Sutherland Shire Canoe Club website by clicking www.sutherlandshire.canoe.org.au
Racing Kayaking Club Cronulla Sutherland Kayak Club
Formerly the Lilli Pilli Kayak Club, this is a club with a focus on kayak racing and will be able to help you out with any enquiries related to getting into the more competitive side of paddling.
Visit the Cronulla Sutherland Kayak Club website by clicking www.cronullasutherlandkayakclub.com
Whitewater Kayaking Club River Canoe Club
This is a club with a focus on White water paddling, that also does flat water paddling, surf kayaking and playing canoe polo.
Visit the River Canoe Club website by clicking www.rivercanoeclub.org
Sea Kayaking Club NSW Sea Kayak Club
This is a club with a focus on sea kayaking and developing the skills for safe open water paddling.
Visit the NSW Sea Kayak Club website by clicking www.nswseakayaker.asn.au

Other Paddling Clubs

If you are looking for a paddling club close to you, but do not live in the Southern Sydney area, the following resources could be useful:

  1. Australian Canoeing
    Go to the Australian Canoeing website at www.canoe.org.au and click on "Links" in the top navigation bar and choose "All Clubs". Then choose the club closest to you.
  2. Paddle NSW
    Go to the Paddle NSW website at www.paddlensw.org.au and when you hold your mouse over the "Clubs/Organisations" in the top navigation bar a listing of clubs will come up, so all you need to do is choose the club closest to you.